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Secret of EsreverSecret Of Esrever.......Secret of Esrever

So, we now know the following:

WATER = A stick man on the water
MIRROR = Back of detective Craven's head morphing to a skull
RUG = "OR"
DOOR = Ghostly face on door

Other Clues include the words

STRANGE was not included because I do not believe it is an Esrever

Here is a WMV file of the clues and pics.Esrever.wmv - 437Kb
Now taking all the words we can make a word string...

Seek Me No Further

Kinda spooky huh?!. However if you now go to then click on search and type these words into the search box (be sure to click "Search All Words") you will be taken somewhere......

WELL DONE, you have nearly solved the Secret of Esrever. There are more hidden words in the DVD. Keep searching for them. I will be helping you.