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Secret of EsreverSecret Of Esrever.......Secret of Esrever

If you have watched "The Blair Witch 2" then you will know that one of the turning points is when Jeff runs the tapes in reverse.


If you bought "The Blair Witch 2 - The Book of Shadows" on DVD then you will know that there is a special feature all about the Secret Of Esrever.

This special feature explains that there are numerous Secret images left in the movie and tells you to watch it again and spot them. Now, I hear you all say, "that's a bit unfair isn't it"? Well Yes and No. The Special Featues has a series of letters running through it and you are told to play the feature again in reverse and take note of the letters which, when puncuation is added, will spell out where to look.

"Ah so it's easy now", I hear you say. Wrong. It's still and absolute biatch to find these exact parts cause they are only on the screen for a matter seconds or less.



So armed with these clues I went to search for the answers...........

Oh and if you hadn't realised, Esrever is REVERSE spelt backwards.