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Secret of EsreverSecret Of Esrever.......Secret of Esrever


Just a quick note to say I am still here but like, nothing much to update. Added the Google search bar incase you want to search for stuff(wow a search tool for searching, clever).

Added a couple of new unknowns to the UNKNOWN section. You will also have noticed the flash intro. Don't laugh at it OK, i've only had Flash a couple of weeks now and am still learning.

Sorry about the lack of updates recently, I just couldn't be arsed. Not much in the way of content but the website now has a brand spanking new Flash intro and if the site is bookmarked you may see a little suprise in the icon tray......

Got the DVD quicker than I expected and have lifted most of the pics from it except for the ME one (I forgot) which i will do soon. As well as all that I recorded all the times and scenes of the Esrever's and added all the new pics to the PICS section. Also updated is the UNKNOWN section which had a new pics and a theory of who it is on the video and DVD cover.


OK. Had a few e-mails about Esrevers.
First thanks to ~vlakieste, Stumper78, and Andre Luiz for sending in Esrever's I have not covered. Special thanks goes to Andre who told me I got the Door scene wrong and told me where the proper one was.
I'm slowly preparing the webpages as I write this and these Esrver's and pics will be added to the Pics section (Who would have guessed that?). Unfortunately the DVD is outta my hands for a little while so i'm not going to be able to capture those pics.
They will definitely be uploaded within the next week (definitely as in probably!)
BTW here's a list of Esrever's, taken from the Blair Witch Fan Club board - Esreverdetails.txt, Left Click to view online, Right Click and Save Target As to download. However I do stress this is not my work and like most of the stuff on it is crap.